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Welcome explorer. Once more into the long night?

Toot toot! You've found the demo of Beyond the Long Night! Congratulations! Now then, please note:

  • This is a condensed version of the game, and only includes  the first area (out of three), with a limited set of Upgrades, Superpowers, Characters and Enemies.  The final game will have more variety across the board.
  • Some aspects of the game have been specifically balanced for the purposes of the demo,  such as loot drop rates, map size, etc. The balance will be different in the final game.

If you have any feedback or encounter any bugs, please comment below or visit our official Discord community:  http://discord.gg/j3czAmmvtb

About the Game

Welcome explorer. Once more into the long night?

A charming twin-stick action roguelike adventure with a heavy emphasis on chaotic combat, cute characters and mystery!

Explore The Dark Mountain - a subterranean world full of monsters, secrets and lovable characters. Puzzle, upgrade and battle your way through three randomly generated areas to outrun a deadly storm and escape to the Overworld beyond. Uncover a trail of mysteries in this ancient kingdom of demigods and explorers, captured within an endless time loop.

What treasures await in The Overworld? Is there a way to stop the storm from spreading? Can you escape the endless time loop? All may be revealed beyond the long night.


  • A charming single player adventure set in a world caught in a time loop.
  • Shoot, dodge, throw items and use Superpowers to fight your way through The Dark Mountain.
  • All upgrades are infinitely stackable and combine with each other to create chaotic combinations.
  • The bunting has physics.
  • Outrun a deadly storm that spreads from chamber to chamber, chasing you up the mountain.
  • A colourful cast of charming characters who remember you between runs.
  • Motivational cows?
  • Discover puzzles and secrets scattered throughout the world.
  • Randomly generated maps built from individually handcrafted rooms.
  • A killer soundtrack inspired by retro chip tune but with a modern twist.

Other fun bits of information

  • You can find a treasure trove of information on my website!   https://noisyheadgames.com/
  • Are you a content creator or journalist? You can find a bunch of resources in my     press kit

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Version 16 May 09, 2022

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Your game is so cute and adorable! I saw your game on Reddit. Please keep creating! :]


😀 thank you so much for the kind words buddy!

Of course! Godspeed on development ❤

Enfin un jeu intéressant, quelle surprise !

Merci beaucoup 😁

Il se trouve que j'ai crée un jeu vidéo, tout comme vous :

J'aimerai avoir votre avis sur celui-ci, maintenant.

Made another video

Made a video


❤ Thanks for playing guys!

NEED A MAC PORT!!!! looks so goood!!!

Hahahaha thank you :D I agree! Mac port is gonna be the first stretch goal on our Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/noisyheadgames/beyond-the-long-night


Loved the game and can't wait to see more! great job so far.

Ah fab! Thank you for playing and uploading your thoughts, really glad you enjoyed yourself :)

That was a lot of fun, keep up the excellent work.


Nice one! Glad you enjoyed yourself :D please consider signing up to the Kickstarter prelaunch page if you fancy supporting, or even just on Steam - both help out and are really appreciated :) ta! 


What a satisfying experience. I must have sunk over 25 hours into this demo already, its bananas. Replay-ability value is off the charts. Looks like a cute casual game but don't be fooled; it can be challenging. One more amazing game that will sit high on the scale of what makes a great roguelike.


This game is a lot of fun. I like the concept of having to go from the start but improving each time and it works really well in the gameplay setting


Hey! Really glad you enjoyed yourself :) if you're interested, the game is coming to Kickstarter in the near future, and I'd be honoured if you wanted to help support development. Sorry for the shameless plug hehe - either way, super happy you had fun :)


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Thanks! Glad you had fun :D